Hacks for Link Building

08 August 2021 Amber Zia
Hacks for Link Building

Websites and blogs are always itching to get new backlinks but often don’t know the fireproof ways to do so. But don’t worry because this blog alongside links in Denmark is here to guide you


  1. Know your rival’s new links

Always keep your competitors in your sight. You should monitor your competitor’s latest backlinks. This can be done by Link Alerts which also reports about your own website’s new backlinks. 

  1. Get relevant link building chances

One can find countless chances of link building on the internet. Websites, forums, and blogs exist where you can place your backlink. But these are not simple to find. If you want to find a thematic forum to add Follow links or a blog to add a guest article, the SERP research tool is all you need. 

This tool offers powerful and the most relevant results. Apply any filter on the search results such as theme or strength. SERP only gives authoritative and relevant backlinks which are powerful in your niche. 

  1. Find powerful backlinks from rivals

According to Google, links do not only have to be strong but safe as well. A safe link will not get you penalized. In order to get strong and safe backlinks, utilize the Competitive Link Detox tool which compares your website against 10 rivals. 


  1. Convert your mentions into backlinks

This is a simple way to get new backlinks. If you’re sure that other websites have discussed you on their page but didn’t add a link, you should talk to that website owner and request him to turn that mention into a backlink. 

But it’s not easy to discover mentions which is why you need to use the LinkResearchTools. First, initiate a Backlink Profiler report and filter the results to “mentions”. Another tool to do this is the SERP research tool along with advanced search operators. 

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